A Carpenter ant on white surface

Every home has pests like flies, fleas, spiders, silverfish, tics, ants and more, living and reproducing outside the home in the lawn, bushes, trees and mulch and flower beds. These pesky little creatures have been around longer than us and they continue to reproduce and thrive. Keeping them outside of your home is the key for pest control professionals. Those of us living in the South enjoy milder weather, but it’s also a fertile climate for pests, rodents and insects.

Having a vigilant pest control company making quarterly visits and treatments is essential to controlling pests and insects inside your residence. Some of the most frequent pests are:

  • Ants (sweet, red, carpenter, fire, etc.)
  • Spiders (even a spider bite from a non-poisonous spider can still require medical treatment)
  • Flies, gnats
  • Tics (not just for pet owners-these guys carry some nasty stuff and love humans)
  • Mosquitos (now carrying the deadly EEE virus and a host of others)
  • Wasps, hornets & bees (a nest around your home can make life tough for guests, kids, and pets, not to mention the pain of their sting and danger for those who are allergic to bee stings)
  • Silverfish, roaches, beetles

It’s possible to live in a pest-free environment with a pest control provider performing a professional evaluation and employing an integrated pest management program designed for your specific needs. You can have peace of mind from pests with safe products for kids and pets without odors, or colors.

Apex Termite & Pest Control has been providing professional termite and pest control services in the Upstate since 1957. We are a family-owned and operated business providing a range of pest solutions for our customers. Our pest control services include quarterly treatments with year-round protection and free re-services as needed. Call us today to discuss your needs, or receive a free evaluation.

Austin Hamilton
General Manager Apex Termite & Pest Control
(864) 877-2702

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