Many homeowners confuse fruit flies and gnats. As temperatures warm across the South these two pests can really annoy homeowners’ kitchen and patio times. They can be troublesome, but you need to identify which pest, if not both, are invading your living spaces.

Both of these annoying insects are about the same size, however there are distinct differences between them. Fruit flies love restaurants, groceries, kitchens and anywhere you can find being processed, served and stored. Ending their reign begins with finding the origin of the infestation. Fruit flies are tan and black and they are active toward the end of Spring. They lay eggs on overripe fruit such as bananas, apples, etc. Grocery or farmer’s market shoppers carry them into the home from the market. After laying their eggs on the fruit they hatch and the larvae feed on the fruit.

Fruit fly larvae feed on the fruit and are ready to mate within eight hours. They can lay up to 500 eggs on a single piece of fruit. The best way to guard against them is to eliminate available fruit sources in your kitchen. Fruit flies thrive on sugar sources and need them to survive. Professional termite and pest control companies can easily distinguish between fruit flies and gnats while treating them accordingly. Fruit flies can spread damaging diseases to your family.

Homeowners should eliminate available fruit sources of sugar in the kitchen. Put bananas, oranges and apples in sealed containers. Don’t grant access to these fruit praying insects. Secure your garbage and keep recycling bins outside the residence. However, the best way to prevent fruit flies is to consult a professional pest control company.

Gnats are annoying and bothersome. They prey upon public gatherings like cookouts, pool parties and family outside gatherings. Gnats gather in pots with soil that has not been changed, areas where there is moisture or humidity and open garbage. Gnats need high humidity, moist damp places to survive. Think garbage, disposal drains and anywhere else moisture and humidity gather. Gnats love fruits and rotting vegetables.

Your professional pest control company can eliminate these infestations, but you have to do your part to help. Seal up trash from recent meals and fruit waste. Locate your garbage or trash away from food fresh sources such as a garage or patio.

A professional pest control company will have tangible solutions to control these annual, annoying pests. Treatment depends on the specific type of pest. For example, they will treat fruit flies differently than gnats or other pests. Identifying which specific pest you have is critical in the treatment process.

The first line of defense in treating these pests is homeowner identification and assistance. Be open with your pest control company about which insect is annoying or invading your home and share the precautions and actions you have taken to deal with the problem. This will help your professional pest control company know how to deal with the problem and infestation.

As Spring kicks into full gear these pests will only grow stronger and seek further opportunities for infestation.

At Apex Termite & Pest Control we have three generations of experience in termite and pest control business. We understand termites and offer inspections and lifetime control and treatment bonds for your home. We are in the business of providing peace of mind for homeowners regarding the treatment of pest, insects and termites.

Contact us today for more information on termite bonds, treatment, and inspections.

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