Moisture Control

If you have been down in your crawl space recently, you might have noticed that the recent rains left areas of standing water at the point of lowest elevation. Or maybe two many years of water being carried to your house by that hill in the backyard has got your house smelling of mold and fungi. If this is the case, you have drainage issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Why the rush? Because the moisture that is contained in the standing water is going to evaporate and cause an increase in the relative humidity, wood will become damaged— this crawl space moisture damage leaves your entire home vulnerable to mold, mildew, and other fungi Worst of all, this condition also increases the probability of termite infestation!

When you are choosing a contractor to work on your home, you should be cautious. Some companies might promise a low price up front, but they may jack up their fees with change orders, leaving you hanging with expensive contract revisions. Apex Termite and Pest Control has a reputation for honest, up-front pricing and our reputation with our customers is unmatched. If you need resources, we would be happy to provide you with a list of customers in your area who have used our services and stand behind our work.

Apex Termite and Pest Control has been working with moisture issues in Greenville, SC for well over 50 years. Our trained professionals will diagnose your problem upon scheduling a visit and propose to you various solutions that we back with a guarantee that will fix the moisture issue you are dealing with. Our moisture solutions include:

“All installed by quality and professional workmanship”

To learn more about our many moisture control solutions, please contact us today and schedule a time for one of our moisture control professionals to diagnose your moisture issues.

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